The Advantage of Being Left-Handed in Baseball/Softball

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Being left-handed has some great advantages when playing baseball or softball. Incredibly, with 90% of the whole population being right-handed, in professional baseball an amazingly lower number of 75% are righties. Which means there are lots more pro baseball players who take advantage of being left-handed. Hmm, should say something to those of us who are left-handed and parents of left-handed children.

In every part of baseball there is an advantage to being left-handed. Sometimes, it’s because of the opponent being right handed. Consider a left-handed pitcher has a greater advantage when facing right-handed batters. In reality, the pitcher can hide the ball behind his body longer before it is released. That means the right-handed batter must make a quicker decision about whether to swing or not.

Left-handed fielders can cover the left field foul line better than a right-handed person. Makes a great advantage in the field.

Then left-handed batters have the best advantage. They are 3 feet closer to first base than a right-handed batter. Overall, batting statistics for left-handed players are higher than those for right-handed players. This is simply because of these advantages.

If you are raising a left-handed child help him or her out with getting left-handed baseball or softball gloves. Help them to learn the sports using their strongest hand and let them take advantage of being left-handed. It’s quite and honor for all of us lefties.


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