The Best Things About Being Left-Handed

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Since International Left-handers Day is coming up soon, August 13th, we thought we would share with you some of the things that we think are great about being left-handed.  We’re planning to celebrate this great holiday all week long with lots of activities and a few get-togethers with our right-handed friends.

The best part about being left-handed is that we are unique in this world of 90 percent right-handers. That sounds like the best part of all. But, there’s more.

If you are the only left-handed person in your family, class or office, all of your tools and left-handed equipment stays with you. The right-handers can’t use them, so they tend to leave them alone. Just imagine having your favorite pair of left-handed scissors exactly where you put them last. Nobody “borrows” them from you without telling you.

Nobody tends to mess with your computer, either. It’s set up to be used by left-hander so right-handers get confused over it. This is a great one if you tend to have people who just sit down at your computer and start playing games while you are away.

These are just some of our reasons for enjoying being left-handed. I’ll bet you can come up with plenty more yourself. Add your list to part of your International Left-hander’s Day celebration on August 13th and enjoy your uniqueness.



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