Still Celebrating International Left-Hander’s Day

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Yep, we decided to make International Left-Hander’s Day not just a single day, but a bunch of days. And we are celebrating the fact that we are left-handed. You see, we don’t think of this as a handicap, or something we should be moaning about. No, instead it’s a great thing and wonderful way to be.

This weekend we held a great party. We invited all our friends to share in the joy of being left-handed. They didn’t need to try to use left-handed things, just to show them how hard it is to be left-handed in a right-handed world. We just asked them to share in our celebration.

We had a great game of softball in the backyard and we used our own left-handed gloves and mitts and let them use their right-handed ones. We helped some of the younger ones who are left-handed learn to catch and throw in the leftie way. Plus, we taught them how to use their left-handed strength to bat. The party and the game turned out to be great fun for all.

The parent’s of the younger ones were grateful for the help and the celebration. If you haven’t already, plan a celebration for yourself or your left-handed children. And take the time to enjoy this wonderful and unique gift.

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