International Left-Handers Day is August 13th

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Get ready to really celebrate being left-handed. We have a day set aside just for our uniqueness. August 13th is celebrated internationally as Left-Hander’s Day. It was first formed in 1976 as a way to bring awareness to the fact that left-handers are discriminated against inĀ  a right-handed world.

Left-Handedness is a Gift

Since that time, we have come to realize that being left-handed is actually a very positive thing. It’s a unique and wonderful gift given to us by our parents through DNA. We can now celebrate the fact that we are left-handed and appreciate our left-handed children.

Many left-handed sites around the web are still listing left-handedness as being a life choice. Watch out for those. They are living in a world where science has passed them by. Left-handed orientation is not a life choice anymore than the placement of your nose on your face is. Evidence is growing that strong-side-orientation, whether right or left, is a DNA controlled attribute.

Celebrating International Left-Handers Day

So August 13th has become a day to celebrate, not protest. We lefties may be in the minority, but we have great advantages! And that’s worth celebrating.

If you have left-handed children in your world, keep a watch for our next post. We are conniving all sorts of fun ways to celebrate being left-handed. Even if you don’t have left-handed children, but know a lefty, or are one yourself, you’ll find great projects and ideas for August 13th, the day to celebrate being left-handed.

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