The Truth Behind the Left-Handed Population

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How many people are left-handed? What percentage of the population is left-handed? Is this growing or shrinking? Good questions, all of the them. And here we’re going to get some answers.

General belief is that the percentage is 10% of the total population. That is a number that must be extrapolated. I mean, really, how could you count every single person that is left-handed. If we take just the United States, we have a population of 307,212,123 (according to the 2010 census). 10% of that number becomes 30,721,212. Convert that to a world population of over 7 billion people and you get a pretty hefty number of left-handed people.

The problem in really trying to figure out how many people are left-handed comes in when it’s hard to tell if some is left-handed. Many lefties have learned to accommodate themselves in a right-handed world. This accommodation can be to many different extents.

Some people just learned how to use right-handed tools when they were young. Others learned to do just about everything right-handed, including hand-writing. And there are many options in between. We also have the situations where some naturally left-handed people were forced into using only their right hand. So coming up with a true number is quite difficult.

I look in my own family situation. I was a member of an immediate family of 7, had 3 children of my own, and now have 3 grandchildren. Just my immediate family consists of 13 blood relations and I am the only left-handed person. That makes my percentage number much lower than 10%. What about your own family situation. Can you get to a percentage higher or lower than 10%?

All of this points to a true difficulty in trying to get an accurate number of the left-handed population. No matter what that number actually is, those of us in that minority are still proud to be lefties.

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