Left Handed Connotations: Good or Bad

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Many Western cultures have associated left-handed terms with some not-so-good meanings, but there are other cultures and religions that set up left-handed as being the good or the powerful. We think it’s time to explore some of them and see whether these connotations are really good or bad.

We owe some of these negative connotations to our Latin and Anglo-Saxon language origins. The Anglo-Saxon word for left is lyft which means “weak.” And the Latin word sinistra, which originally meant “left” took on the meaning of “evil.” You can see that this set up many negative connotations for us left-handed people. This has given rise to sayings like “two left feet” meaning to be clumsy and “southpaw” meaning to be goofy.

But, we lefties can turn the tables. Incas, and modern indigenous people of the Andes Mountains consider left-handed people to have special powers that included both magic and healing. In tantra Buddism, the left hand is the hand of wisdom. In the Russian language, the word levsha, which means lefty or left-hand is a common noun for a skilled craftsman.

For us who are left-handed, and came that way through believed genetic material, not through some choice of our own, we have decided that we are magical, healing, wise, skilled craftsman. Because we know for sure we are not weak, evil, clumsy or goofy. Although we have a great sense of humor!

You decide for yourself who you are. Or decide for your young children. Is being left-handed good or bad? We hope you will choose like we did. It’s all good!

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