Considerations for Left-handers and Halloween

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Halloween-Decorating-PosterIf you or your child is left-handed, you need to think about your costume and supplies for Halloween. There are things that will make it a safer and easier Halloween for left-handed people. Things that most right-handers wouldn’t even consider.

Costumes and Activities Considerations

First, do things like check costume parts. Make sure the costume allows for free movement of the left hand. Also the left leg. Left-handed people are stronger on their left side, which includes legs and feet.

Kids going to school in costume, need to be free to use their left hands for writing and eating without their costume encumbering their movements. They may also be running and playing during recess time, so make sure their costumes won’t trip them up.

For adults much of the same things apply. If you’re attending a Halloween party, you need to be able to eat the goodies without having your costume drag through the food or in other ways block your ability to use your left hand.

Trick or Treating Considerations

Trick or treating presents another issue. If you or your kids are going out, you may want to take a flash light along or other safety items. Make sure these can be used easily with the left hand and the costume doesn’t interfere. Keeping kids safe is so important on Halloween, so don’t neglect the little things that will help your left-handed child.

Be sure to check out Halloween Safety Tips for children before you head out. It’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Trick or Treat Bags

Especially with left-handed children who will be walking along with right-handed children, a good strong treat or trick bag is important. One with a handle and one that can be banged around a bit without tearing is a good choice. Here are some that I prefer and ones that I have used when I, as a leftie, have taken my own children out. They hold things like extra flashlights, hats and gloves for cooler nights and water bottles for thirsty kids.


Making good choices when picking a Halloween costume, accessories and supplies for a left-handed person will assure a happier and safer Halloween.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Excellent advice! Checking costumes ahead of time for ease of wear and possible problems will ensure a fun and safe Halloween!

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