Is Left Hand/Right Brain For Real?

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There is a great saying: If right-handed people have dominant left-side brains and left-handed people have dominant right-side brains, then only lefties are in their right mind. Humorous, yes, but correct? That’s a confusing nother story.

This whole idea actually began with a neurosurgeon in France. Paul Broca in the mid-1800’s discovered that a portion of the left side of the brain was responsible for speech production. This same man came up with idea that right-handed people have this language center on the left side of their brain and that left-handed people have it on the right side of their brain. This became a pretty popular theory because when surgeons needed to do brain surgery, they used handedness to determine which side to work on.

Big problem with this theory, though. It seems there are people who don’t follow this theory at all. Now, you would think in the years from the mid 1800’s to current that researchers would have figured out more about the brain and handedness. M.K. Holden from the University of Indiana explains the problem. How do you do this kind of testing on a healthy person? The only research comes from brain injury patients.

You begin to see the issue. Are the statistics accurate when you are only dealing with head injury patients? Do they represent a cross section of the population for left and right handers? Well, clearly there is lots of research left to do. We left-handed people are anxious to see more of these studies and see whether they really do prove out anything.

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