How I Learned to Knit from a Right-Hander

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Being a left-handed kid in a world of only right-handed relatives, learning new skills was a bit tricky for me. But, my aunt, who taught both my right-handed older sister and I to knit, found a perfect way to make this work.

My sister was doing great. She got the hang of creating even stitches. I didn’t. My stitches, no matter how much practice I gave it, just kept coming out lumpy and uneven. My wonderful aunt knew she had to do something different. She didn’t belittle me because I wasn’t getting it. She figured out a way to help me, instead.

When she tried to look over my shoulder to see how I was handling the needles, she realized that my left hand was definitely in control, but it wasn’t working the stitches right. So she sat facing me. She asked me to mirror-image what she was doing. Of course, as soon as she said that, I had to switch my knitting in my hands. Suddenly, my stitches were growing more even. It happened that quickly.

After that, the more I practiced, the better I got. Don’t you know I soon overtook my sister. I was in love with knitting and creating fantastic things.

When my own daughters were wanting to learn to knit, I used the same technique for them. Since they are all right-handed, I just sat facing them and had them do the mirror-image trick with me. All three of my daughters know how to knit and they all knit right-handed, learned from a left-handed mother.

Knitting isn’t the only craft I learned left-handed. I also crochet left-handed. That surprises many people when they see me work, but it just seems natural for me.

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