The Best Left-Handed Chef’s Knives

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Left-Handed-Chef-KnifeAny chef knows the value of great kitchen knives. A left-handed chef will appreciate these incredible Shun knives for their quality and value. When I turned to a vegan diet, I found myself chopping and slicing many more vegetables than ever. I needed a great left-handed knife. My first one was a gift. The rest of my set was entirely my choice. Here’s why.

Incredible Blade Quality

These knife blades are a stainless steel made with 16 layers of carbon steel, which means they hold their blade quality through lots and lots of use. It also means they are easier to sharpen when that is actually needed. This also means you can slice the thinnest of foods with ease. Be extra careful, though. Keep your fingers out of the way of these blades. Learn from my own experience.

Left-Handed Shun Chef Knives



These are 3 of the knives that I have in my collection. I also recently added the left-handed bread knife and the utility knife. I will grant you these are not the cheapest left-handed kitchen knives on the market. But I can tell you that I finally cleaned out my cutlery drawer and got rid of all the cheaper knives I had. These knives are the only ones I use. Each was worth the price for me. This is when I wish I hadn’t wasted so much money on the cheaper knives and prepackaged, pre-cut veggies.


My Own Chef Abilities

My father gave me my first Shun kitchen knife. Thanks, Dad! I couldn’t believe how much easier it was for me to slice and dice vegetables. That led me to wanting to try more recipes. Without the drudgery of preparing the veggies, I was much happier to be in the kitchen cooking.

You can imagine, I got to be a much better chef. Not only were my meals were interesting and varied, but they were healthier. Really and truly, I enjoyed cooking. My family and friends were astounded. The right equipment really does make a difference. With left-handed knives, the same is true. Getting the best I could make a huge difference in my ability and my enjoyment of cooking.

Balanced for the Left Hand

Clearly the quality of the blades is one thing, but when I hold any one of the knives in my collection, I feel the difference. These are made and balanced for the left hand. The handle is d-shaped which means it doesn’t twist in your hand. This is not only a huge safety factor, but you make much more accurate cuts and slices.

The Best Left-Handed Kitchen Knives

As a left-handed wife and mother, I can tell you I wish I had known of these Shun knives much earlier in my life. The difference they have made is incredible. Trying to use right-handed knives was no fun, then using cheaper left-handed knives turned out to be a waste of money. For the quality, Shun kitchen knives are the best I have found.



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  1. Mandee says:

    Very interesting! I am not left handed but I have a left handed nephew and niece and I know they have problems with items built for right handed people. I would think that left handed kitchen knives would be worth their weight in gold due to being safer and making the task of cooking easier!

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