Left-Handed Watches: Convenience and Style

left handed watchesLeft-handed watches are what I went looking for. Being left-handed myself, I want the convenience of controlling all the dials by using my left hand. But, I wanted style, too. That’s what I found in these left-handed watches.

Designs for Men – Left-handed Watches

Most men I know want multiple functions on their watches. The same is true for left-handed men. Personally, the Invicta brand is a favorite of mine. Their quality is unmatched, but they understand style as well. The chronograph watches are great for men. A left-handed watch that does just about everything except the laundry. Well, we can’t have it all.

Stylish Left-Handed Watches for Women

As I went looking for a left-handed watch for myself, I found these. Style is important to me. Connecting with my own style preferences doesn’t have to mean a bad watch. There are plenty of other choices, but I narrowed it down. Yes, they are stylish, but each of these also offers great functionality. I like the multiple functions. If only they cooked dinner I would be thrilled.

Why Left-Handed Watches

There are plenty of watches that have no dials at all. Those work great for either right or left handed people. But those with dials are popular, too. I love to have a watch with a lighted dial. In the dark, I want to be able to see the time. With a button on the side to light up the watch face, I’m even happier. And that means left-handed watches for me.

I always wear my watch on my right arm. Even when I don’t need to deal with the buttons and dials, it’s still much easier. I don’t bang my watch while I use left-handed tools or eating utensils. Nor do I drag my watch across my writing page.

Since I use my left hand for many more activities than my right hand, I want less in the way. That’s a big reason why I prefer to wear left-handed watches. If you are a lefty, or know one, left-handed watches will be your preference as well.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Wooo, excellent idea! I guess I never really thought about a left handed watch but I am pretty sure what my left handed nephew will be getting as a gift this year!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Wow! Left handed watches are something I never even considered! It makes sense that the dials need to be on the correct side. My brother has never even mentioned that to me. Now, I am wondering if he has a left handed watch or if he just deals with the dials on the wrong side for him and doesn’t complain. Makes me a little sad that I don’t even know the answer to that!

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