Left-handed People Need a Good Left-Handed Mouse

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a heavy online gamer or a casual internet user, a good left-handed mouse will help you as a left-handed person. Many inexpensive “mice” exist which can be programmed for the right or left hand. But don’t be fooled by these. The right and left hand need different ergonomic details in a mouse. Think of resting your hand on a mouse and the comfort, or discomfort that you can feel.

Ergonomically Correct Computer Mouse

When you use a mouse that is not ergonomically correct for your hand, you chance stressing the small tendons and ligaments in your finger and wrist joints. Frankly, for the price difference, it isn’t worth causing you or your children potential health problems.



One of my favorite ergonomically correct mice is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. It’s available in formats for both the left hand and the right hand. Since this sight is for lefties, we are going to concentrate on the left hand version. Sorry, I can’t advise you on the right hand version since I don’t have it.

This vertical position of the mouse is more natural, preventing traditional twisting of the forearm. Of course, that means less stress to your arm muscles. But, the hand position is the one that’s most valuable to me. It’s incredibly comfortable to use and rest my hand on when it’s not in use. I spend a lot of time online, so I wanted a very comfortable mouse. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is just that.

Extra Features for the Left-handed User

There are many great features in this mouse like a support for your pinkie finger so it doesn’t drag on your mousepad or desk. Enough buttons to make any gamer thrilled, plus a scroll wheel that can also be a button. But, again, the most important factor is the comfort of using these buttons. It was very easy for me to get used to using it. Within a matter of minutes, I was thrilled.

This mouse may cost a bit more than the old-fashioned versions, but it’s well worth the cost in my book, and certainly a whole lot cheaper than medical care in the years to come. A good left-handed mouse is vital for a left-handed person and the Evoluent Vertical Mouse is my personal favorite. Click on the picture to get one for yourself or your left-handed child.

More Left-Handed Options

Granted this one is my favorite for lots of reasons, but there are other choices. Take a look at Left Handed Mouse page to see other left-handed mouse options. There are many different features, manufacturers and price ranges you can choose from.

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