Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Left-Handed-Acoutic-GuitarsAs a left-handed person who enjoys playing a guitar, it turned out to be a left-handed acoustic guitar that lead me to learning to play well. It’s a big advantage to have the right instrument.

Starting Off Right

Actually, I started off wrong. I first learned on a right-handed guitar. Kind of explains why I quickly gave it up. That became too frustrating for me. When I met a left handed guitar player, I was hooked. There really was such a thing as musical instruments designed to be played with the left hand.

Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

If you are a lefty, or you have a lefty child, who wants to play the guitar, having the right instrument will make a world of difference. The whole left side of the body is stronger. But more than that, the left hand can be more accurate in most people. This makes the fingering on a string instrument easier to learn and to do.

 Oscar Schmidt OG2NLH Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Left Handed Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Redburst Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OGHSBLH Left-Handed 1/2-Size Acoustic Guitar – Black

The instruments above are good basic guitars. None is expensive, so they make good learning tools. Some are traditional looking like the Oscar Schmidt on the left, but others have interesting colors. Look at the options available from the Rogue Starters in the middle. Another great advantage for children learning to play is the sizing of the instrument. The Oscar Schemidt guitar I feature on the right is half size of the adult version. That makes it perfect for children who want to learn.

More Options

There are other options for both look and size, including a 3/4 size. Take a look at left-handed acoustic guitars to see plenty more choices. There are also instruments that include the case, pick and an instructional book or CD. These can be very helpful for those who are just starting out. So help yourself or your child learn to play easier with a left-handed guitar.

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  1. Mandee says:

    My son plays guitar — albeit, right handed — but I know he probably wouldn’t have followed through if he had started on a left handed guitar. It would have been frustrating for sure!

  2. Choosing the right guitar makes all the difference in the world in whether you continue or not. I have a brother who is left handed and also a guitarist. I know in the past he has had to special order his guitars. It is pretty cool that left handed guitars are easier to find now.

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